February 3, 2014

When to Watch Movie at Cinema House?

I mentioned in my previous post that Mommy. Matt and I watched the animated movie Frozen on weekends. Matt’s eyes were seriously staring the screen even we are using the netbook lang. Parang alam na alam nya ung pinapanuod nya. Then Mommy said: “Pwede na yata natin isamang manuod ng sine.”  Oo nga, it’s been a long time since we watched movie. “In my life” (Cast: Luis Manzano, Vilma Santos and John Lloyd Cruz) pa yata huling movie na napanuod namin ni Mommy.

Is he really ready to watch movies in cinemas? I read some articles on what is the appropriate age for a kids to watch cinema. Here are some things that we should consider if we are going to bring our kids (3 years-old and below).
Matt seriously watching Frozen
Loudness – We know that movie theatre uses loud volumes which is not good for everyone especially kids whose hearing senses are still developing.

Pricey – Remember, kids are not free and they have to be paid in full amount too. I don’t know if there are some cinemas that offers half-the-price for kids. Also, you need to bring some snacks while inside the cinema for them.

Scary – Remember, cinemas have dark ambiance and kids might get scared with it. Not only that, they can be easily scared of some images and might bring it to their dreams resulting to night terrors.

Sitting Still – Most kids cannot sit still in cinemas. Remember that most kids at this age can be easily get bored and might ask you to go out already even the movie is not yet finished. Furthermore, kids used to take frequent restroom breaks.

Hmmm…can we already bring Matt to watch a movie?  How about you, at what is the age of your kids when first brought then to cinemas?

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