February 11, 2014

The Reunion + Matt's New Car

Aside from celebrating MIL’sbirthday in Nueva Ecija, one of the reasons why we decided to go home is to meet one of our college friends who took her vacation here from Dubai. This is actually a sort of "mini-reunion" since our last meeting was held about 7 years ago.

From Bulacan, we just left our things first at home and headed to their house (just a few minute drive). We had our dinner and chit-chats. Sayang lang at di namin natikman ang pamosong Pancit Malabon by her mom. They are expecting us to visit the following day kaya hindi daw nagprepare. There is always next time naman.

Ninang Ivy and her daugther
She is one of Matt’s ninangs and this is actually their first meeting. Matt was very happy when her Ninang Ivy handed him with a new remote controlled car. Because of his love of cars, he can’t wait to return home to open the box. Ayun, sa bahay palang nila Ninang Ivy, binuksan na!

Matt and I opening the box 
Matt's addition to his car collection

Grabbed from Instagram

Of course, mawawala ba ang picture taking? Ayan kasama na ako sa frame. LOL
We with our kids.