April 16, 2014

Family Day Sunday: Bekikang + Mais Con Yelo on Palm Sunday

Last weekend, our Sunday is not that busy compared to past Sundays and we were able to have a bit rest.

Our Sundays usually starts preparing ourselves going to attend the mass. Since it was Palm Sunday, of course, expect the huge number of people at the church so we decided to catch the 830am Mass. Still, many people attended the said time unlike the past Sundays. We resulted sitting at the chair provided in the hallway and just listened until it finished.


After the mass, we went to market to buy some veggies and tahong for our lunch before heading to Waltermart to buy Matt’s milk and baon for school. I remember the last time we brought Matt at the grocery, he was the one getting his stuffs like biscuits, bread, drinks as well as his lotion and cologne. We can already sense "financial awareness" on this kid as he kept on asking: “Mommy, magkano ba ‘yan?  Ha? Eh, eto kaya, magkano?” after every item we put in the cart.

After having our lunch, we proceed with our crochet while watching the movie Bekikang (I’ll make shared post on this soon). Items need to be finished because it will be shipped the next day. Good Matt took his afternoon sleep so we finished the items.

Here are the crochet items we finished over the weekend. Mommy made the shell hat while I do the three barefoot accessories. (Visit Momaye’s Shoppe for other crochet items).

Crochet Shell Hat and Barefoot Accessories

Merienda time! Finally, I bought an ice shaver in Waltermart. It will be easy for me to prepare merienda using shaved or crushed ice like halo-halo and fruit shakes. This time, I made the very easy-to-prepare Mais-con-Yelo (in a glass, place corn kernel, shaved ice, pour evaporated or fresh milk over then topped with corn flakes).

Mais Con Yelo 

That's how we spent our Sunday this week. How about you, care to share what you did over the weekends?