April 30, 2014

Family Day Sundays: Too Hot Day = Picnic

We spent our Sunday as the usual routine. We attended the mass in the morning. Actually, we are planning to visit the Back-to-School Baratillo Sale at Meycauayan but we decided not to go since we don’t know what Matt needs in school yet. It is alright since the sale will run every Saturdays and Sundays until June 1.

After having our lunch, the three of us (Mommy, Matt and I) decided to take afternoon nap which we haven’t done for a long time already due to deadlines in our crochet orders.

A snapshot before having our afternoon nap
(Source: Facebook)

Mommy woke me up since I need to finish repair one of Matt’s pants into shorts using our portable sewing machine. Bitin na kasi sa kanya. Look at this  photo taken last December. Bitin na talaga!

Juma-John Lloyd lang ang peg!

Here is the finished product.
Pants turned into Shorts
In the afternoon, since it was too hot inside, we decided to put the foldable table in front of our house and have our afternoon snack there. This is go give a rest for our electric fans that runs almost the entire day. Picnic picnic din pag may time.


Then we had our walk to the clubhouse where Matt and I played at the monkey bars.

Matt and I at the Monkey Bars

By the way, I cooked macaroons and apple crumble before lunch time. I will try to post my recipe soon on the other blog. The macaroons were for Matt's baon.

Apple Crumble

That’s how we maximized our rest day and Family Day Sunday.