April 14, 2014

Projects: Bell Peppers in Progress

After almost two months, here is an update on the bell peppers I planted at home. Actually these passes some struggles due to extreme hot weather but finally, I already picking greens and I am waiting for others to turn red.

As you can see the photo below, some leaves are wrinkled, a sign of "sturggles".

Bell Peppers
By the way, Matt’s nanny used to throw some amplaya seeds and it grew very healthy. We already got some leaves for Ginisang munggo and Ginisang mais. It bears fruits too but become rotten due to insect bites. I am planning to spray it with insecticide but I want to make a natural one.

Also, I am planning to start growing tomatoes since the price in the market started to shoot up. Hopefully, I can grow them well.

How about you, what are the veggies you used to plant at home?