April 12, 2014

Product Review: Digestics (Probiotics + Fiber)

Constipation is one of the results of being dehydrated that why we need to drink lots of water to keep our system hydrated. But remember to shake shake shake before drinking.

Aside from the recommended amount of water everyday, increase in fiber intake can help reduce constipation. Some offered food or dietary supplements and one of these is the Digestics (Probiotic + Fiber). Other than fiber, it also contains at least 1 billion CFU of bifidobacterium lactis, a type of good bacteria. It’s like taking fiber and a dose of good bacteria in just one product; therefore creating a dual action that does not only help improve digestion but also gives a natural resistance to intestinal infections.

Digestics Probiotic Food Supplement 

When I tried this product, although my bowel movement is regular, the constipation incidents were reduced.

One advantage of this over other dietary fiber supplements is you can take it directly into your mouth so you can have it anytime and anywhere. It tastes like milk powder that turned chewy once it gets wet. You can also take this by dissolving into cold drinks or sprinkle on foods.

On the other hand, this product is too sweet since it contains fructose – the sweetest sugar. I just don’t know if this can be recommended for a diabetic person.

For me, the product is a bit expensive since it costs about 250pesos per box with 10 small sachets.

Have you already tried this product? Care to share your thoughts?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I have received the product for free. All opinions are mine based on what I have experienced..