April 25, 2014

Father and Son Bonding: The Massage

Matt is a very hyperactive kid. He will not go to sleep unless Mommy and I will. Sometimes, even the lights were already off as long as he knows that we are still awake he will will not go to his sleep.

On Mommy’s post about her guilt, she mentioned that we used to make our little angel busy so we can do our crochet stuffs. But once he gets bored, ayan na naman sya magpapapansin. Mahilig syang makipagkaladyaan and doesn’t bother if he got hurt.
Last night and the other, I asked him to give me a head and back massage to keep him busy. With full of excitement, he grabbed the mini massage roller and started on my back first. Suddenly, he stepped on my back and lets me act like a cow. “Oh Daddy, lalagyan na kita ng coins para umandar ka.” (Ginawa nya pa akong rides sa mall. Yung nilalagyan ng tokens para umandar. LOL).

After several riding and sliding down on my back, I asked him to give me a head massage. He grabbed the comb and started doing my head. I asked him what he is doing. He just replied: “Kinukulayan  ko ung hair mo Daddy. Oh ayan, shampoo-hin naman kita...” with matching sound-effect ng shower pa. I really don’t know where he gets such idea.

Look at the photo below on how he enjoys what he does while I am crocheting. Actually, it looks like I am enjoying more rather than him. 

Do you know how much does this massage costs? PRICELESS!