April 23, 2014

Should I Give Him a Pet?

Matt is very fond animals. Since we don’t have any at home, once he encounters once, he will definitely chase it. Look at the photos how he was excited seeing animals like chicken and ducks, super kilig talaga.

I know having pet at home will help kid’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Not only that, pet can also have a therapeutic effect which can lead to better health and less stress. This can also lead into responsibility and compassion.

With all these positive effects, I am still afraid for Matt to have a pet like dog or cat. I am worried about health hazards and hygiene issues.

Hygiene may be a minimal issue, there are already pet grooming salon anywhere. There are also many products sold especially for pet like the one at http://www.entirelypets.com/sogeval.html with these products, pet’s hygiene will not be a problem anymore.

Health hazards like rabies and other disease that a pet might carry is one of the major things I might consider if I am going to give Matt his pet. Just like I said, he always have the urge to touch it and for sure panggigigilan nya ito and worst, might kill it.

How about you, have you already bought your kids their own pet? What makes you decide to give them one?