May 8, 2014

Are You Men Enough for Birth Control Pills?


I was doing task on Clixense when I read an article about birth control pills for men.

According to the study, mice under treatment shows a promising results by blocking the sperm released in the semen. Because of this, egg fertilization will not proceed. Though the results in mice are good, it doesn’t mean that it can be applied to humans already. Researchers are still in the process on further study to develop this a new birth control pill. Another 10 years is needed to finish the research before its release in the market.

Developing a birth control pills for men is difficult. Previous studies and researches focus mainly on halting the production of sperm which is very risky unlike this recent study, it only focuses more on the transport of sperm without affecting sperm production.

In my opinion, men, in general, are afraid to take the step in birth control for they are afraid of affecting their sexual activity. However, the study revealed that the sexual activity of mice was not affected. It doesn’t also have any side effects since it is non-hormonal and will not alter the development of sperm.

Researchers claimed that this birth control pills for men, if successfully developed, is reversible. This means that once a man wants to have child, just stop taking the drug. Furthermore, offspring of a “reversed” mice were found to be normal.

Now, most birth control procedures were applicable to women. Though, there are already available for men like vasectomy and use of condoms, most male are really afraid to take the initial step.

When this new drug for birth control was released, how many men, do you think, will dare to try it?

If I were to be asked, I WILL.