May 23, 2014

My First Tmart package: Mini Car Air Purifier

After almost a month after I ordered, my first Tmart item has finally arrived. It wasn't delivered at our doorstep and I need to fetch it in the post office and pay 50 pesos tax.

Anyways, here is it: The Car Air Purifier.

Mini Car Air Purifier
The purifier produces ozone (3mg/h) and anions (≥600,000pcs/cm3) that help remove unpleasant odor, allergens and car soot. It also have some medicinal function. It can reduce the occurrence of sneezing, coughing and asthma. This works better when the aircon is ON.

It is easy to use. Just plug in the potfire of a 12V car power and look for the light blue lamp as an indicator that the unit is already working.

Car Air Purifier plugged into 12V potfire

Blue lamp indicator: the unit is working

It is also small having dimension of 8.5cm length and very light weight (44 grams only). For 3.29USD or 150.93 pesos, you can also have this unit.

I also bought DLSR accessories like 55mm close-up lens, flower petal hood and 52-55mm step-up adaptor. According to the status, it was already shipped and I am very excited to have it soon.  Thanks to Mommy for sharing some of her Paypal so I can bought all these products (Nakulitan na yata sa akin. Hehehe).

If you want to look for other products just visit Tmart's Site for variety of products and there are lots of deals there.