May 28, 2014

Hashtag: Kumikitang Kabuhayan

Mommy and I were discussing about another possible extra income (aside from Momaye's Shoppe). Just like we always say, you need to consider if you will enjoy it or not.

Many knows that I love working in the kitchen, so Mommy suggested that I can use that as a way of #kumikitang kabuhayan.

What am I going to do in with favorite location at home turned into income-generating place? I don’t have an oven for baked products.
Here are two suggestions that you can also consider – I am going to make skinless longganisa and pork or chicken tocino.

Pork Tocino

At first, I am going to sell these products to my colleagues at work. Actually, one of my kumares is already asking when I am going to start selling the longganisa. Hindi pa man, may customer na. :)

When I posted a sample photo (below) in my FB account, Mommy’s cousin is already asking if she can order some and ship it to Belgium. Export agad-agad?

Skinless Longganisa
What is good in mine compared to those sold in the market is that I am not going to use any preservatives, just plain spices and herbs.

How about you, is there any #kumikitang kabuhayan in your mind?

By the way, here are the cooked products.

Skinless Longganisa

Pork Tocino