May 22, 2014

The Woman Behind Momaye's Shoppe

In my opinion, nowadays, the cost of living is gradually increasing and we can’t just rely on our salary. Just like ours, we need to have enough income for our house’s monthly amortization, bills (water, electric and internet), food, and this year our son’s tuition fee.

Before, we tried to venture in farming. Unfortunately, such type of business seems not for us. Until one day, Mommy open-up her idea that we can try a business that will suit our interest – CRAFTING. I immeadiately agreed with the suggestions since this will not only a sort of extra income but we can enjoy since crafting is one of our hobby.

This is the reason why Momaye’s Shoppe is created.

Momaye's Shoppe

At first, we sell cloth diapers and diaper bags and eventually we entered the made-to-order crochet items like hats, booties, headbands and other accessories. Now, we already included another line of products – RTW clothes for babies and toddlers.

Do you know who is behind this online shop? Of course Mommy Maye of Momaye’s Diary.

A full-time working and willing to be WAHM before reaching the age of 40. Even she works more than 8 hours in the office, she is a full-time mom to our son.

She is a very business minded person. She taught of a very enjoyable business not only to her but for me as well. She is also planning to build her own “sari-sari” store at home soon.

But take note, she didn't finished any business-related course. She finished and currently a chemist by profession.

With the dedication to the micro-business we had and having a goal of making it bigger, I think she deserves to be considered as one of the women in the business and finance.

By the way, I would like to thank our customers for their continuous support and for those who wants to peek on our products, visit  Momaye’s Shoppe and Mommy Maye is willing to answer your inquiries.