May 24, 2014

Baking Using Oven Toaster

I've been eyeing for an oven like the one below for a year but until now, I haven't purchased one because there are other stuff that need to be in the priority list rather than the oven.

By having a baking oven at home, I can do some baking tasks not only for daily snacks but since Matt is already enrolled for this coming school year, it is better to prepare the contents of his lunch box at home rather than buying readily available in their school.
Source: Abenson's Webpage

Since, I don't have the main tool for baking, I got some ideas on how make baked goodies by using an alternative - the oven toaster.

By just using oven-toaster, I made the following snacks:

Banana Bread


Macaroons is my own recipe while the others, I used the ready made Cake mix by Maya Kitchen. These cake mix is very easy to do, just mix the ingredients and cook it using your oven-toaster. And because of these Oven-toaster cakes are available in the market, parang matatagalan pa talaga akong bumili ng oven, 'di ba Mommy?

For now, I am also searching the net on how to make oven toaster cakes from scratch. Do you have some references for this? Care to share it with me?