July 2, 2014

Imarflex 3-in-1 Convection and Rotisserie Oven Review

As promised, here is my review for the Father’s day gift and long-wished oven.

When I saw this oven in the appliance center, I told Mommy that we are going to get this one. Why? The stainless steel design or casing is very nice and elegant for a price bit higher compared to the one I saw in the internet.

Imarflex Oven with stainless steel exterior

The oven is very spacious having a 30-liter capacity. You can place two layers of pan at the same time. Also, you can roast whole chicken. Haven't tried though.

You can position the trays at different levels

The temperature setting ranges from 100-250ºC. However, the dial doesn't have enough graduation for setting the temperature. For example, I am using 175 ºC, I will just place the dial in the middle of 150 and 200 and you are not sure if you are hitting the correct setting.

With the dial-type function selector, you can choose what heating rod will work, top, bottom or both. The heating rod automatically shuts off upon reaching the desired temperature. There is also an option for the blower to convert the unit into a convection oven (ideal for baking) or turbo broiler (for roasting). Speaking of roasting, there is a rotisserie function. Skewer is included in the package.

It has a self timer where you can set up to 60-minutes and has a signal once cooking time set is finished.

Dial-type selector for temperature, function and timer

With a tampered clear glass door and interior lighting, you can check while baking without opening the unit.

Cleaning is not a problem. It has a removable crumble pan (the lowest tray in the photo below) that catches drippings and other materials that might spills while cooking or baking. Wiping any dirt inside is easy since the interior cavity is coated with crystalline Teflex.

Brand: Imarflex
Model: IT-300CRS
Capacity: 30L
Price: 4995PhP

Next to review is the Hand Mixer.

Tip from the salesperson: Do not force to turn the timer back to zero when baking is already done. Just turn the selector "OFF", unplug the unit and just let the timer run. This is the common cause of timer dial breakdown.