July 4, 2014

Matt’s Funny Faces and Lines

Whenever I took photos at home – dishes, MTOs and others, Matt will immediately approach me and say: “Daddy ako naman picturan mo.” To please him, I will divert the glass to him and take few shots but he will never look at the lens and make a nice pose. Instead he will do wacky faces or sometimes look in different direction. Kanino kaya nagmana? I will post a throwback photos next week as a proof.

Here are some of his wacky photos:

He is very cute in his smile here. But look what happened next.

Biglang naging wild na! LOL

Here is another one. Here we were practicing for his school ID pictorial. Pwede na di ba? Then I asked him for a bigger smile. See what he did.

Look-up! Look-up!

Aside from making funny faces, he also throw some funny lines that surprised us. Here are some:

One morning we were having our breakfast and he saw a bird in our terrace. He asked Mommy:

Matt: Mommy anu kinakain ng mga birds?
Mommy: Kanin. Saka worms.
Matt: Yuck! Kadiri naman yun! Worms.

One time, his yaya went home but did not return on the day she promised.

Mommy: Kapag dumating si Ate Jeni mo, pagalitan mo ha?
Matt: Hinde Mommy, sasabunutan ko ung bangs nya.

When his cousin Gelai started to make kulit, he will suddenly throws a threat:

“Sige Gelai, uuwi na lang ako sa Nueva Ecija, para wala ka ng kalaro!”

He will also tell the same line to his Ate Jeni and the reason?

“Para wala ka ng aalagaan!”

Whenever we hear from him such lines, Mommy and I will look at each other and laugh. But of course, if he says something bad or not pleasing we keep on reminding him that it should not be said by kids like him.

How about you, do you have difficulties in taking photos of your kids? What are their most memorable punch lines?