July 22, 2014

Wishlist: Graduation Ring

Source: urban bohemian
Way back in college, one of my professors is offering her co-teachers a customized college ring. I also check the price and since then, it was my dream to own one after I got work and started earning for my own. However, after 11 years of working, I still haven’t got mine.

Though I live just a few minutes drive from shops that can do customized graduation rings for girls and boys, it will take time for me to find the right store to do my graduation ring. I'm sure its cost will be expensive since they will make a cast for the ring especially for me and of course for Mommy (we came from the same school).

Maybe, I will try to look a shop near our school that does college rings and hope that my dream will turn into reality.

How about you, do you own a graduation ring too?