July 18, 2014

Like Father, Like Son: Laptop and Crochet

Matt got interested in his educational computer toy (purchased by Mommy from Lazada) again.

Before we left home for work one morning, he reminded me: “Daddy, yung battery ng laptop ko ha?”. When we arrived home from work, he excitedly asked: “Daddy, yung battery ng laptop ko, nasan na?” while searching it from my bag.

Happily, he asked me to install immediately in his laptop. At first it didn’t work since one of the springs is already corroded due to the leak from the old battery that was not removed few months ago. I just scratched the spring and voila! His laptop works again.

Upstairs, when I entered the room, he told me: “Daddy, ilabas mo na po yung laptop mo. Mag-laptop na tayo. Ikabit mo din po yung mouse mo para parehas tayo.” And that’s what I did.

Father and Son in front of computers (Sorry for the resolution)

After opening the laptop, I started crocheting. Then he asked me: “Daddy, pa-abot nga po yung yarn saka ung hook na kulay blue. Maggagantsilyo din ako.” Wish granted for our little “Don Matthew” and he started crocheting too.

I clicked the mouse and go back crocheting. I saw him clicking his mouse and went back crocheting. I repeat clicking the mouse he does it too. Hahaha.

Father and Son Crocheting

May isang hirit pa! After he got bored with his laptop, he asked me: “Daddy, pahiram nga po yung netbook ni Mommy, manunuood ako ng Cars. Mabagal kasi ung internet dito sa laptop ko.”  Thinking his laptop is also connected to the internet. LOL.