July 11, 2014

Hand Mixer Review

3D 4-Speed Hand Mixer 

Just what I mentioned in my Father's Day Gift post, my new adventures will not be that complete for an oven alone. Mabisyo na masyado.  And to complete the package, Mommy allowed me to have this hand mixer.

The package includes two stainless steel interchangeable beaters ideal for whipping, stirring, mixing and beating. 

3D Hand Mixer with two sets of beaters

Changing beaters is easy. Simply press the ejector button near the handle and you are ready to snap the other beater. Also, located in the handle is the 4-speed levels selector.

Ejector button and 4-speed level selction
One problem that we always encounter when storing such electrical devices is how to fix the cord. This hand-held mixer comes with a holder where you can coil the cord before storing.

Cord coiled in the body 

Although, this mixer is very handy and lightweight, it is not heavy duty and not advisable for “super” thick mixture for it may damage the motor. Long and continuous use may feel heating of the body.

Brand: 3D New Generation
Model: 4-Speed Hand Mixer TSK-942
Price: 800