September 22, 2014

Accidental Tour on Calamba Baywalk

On my visit at the house of  Rizal’s, I accidentally landed on Calamba Baywalk. I was looking for a parking area near the Rizal’s house ng medyo nakaramdam ng tawag ng kalikasan. I kept on driving in search for a gasoline station. I also saw a sign board that the same road leads to this place. I got excited and since the Rizal’s house is still close that time, I decided to take a short look of the Baywalk.

I was excited as I go near the place because of the full view of Mt. Makiling. But when I reached the place, my first reaction is: “Eto na ba yun? Parang napabayaan na ang lugar.” Most of the lights in the post are already broken, vandalism is just a common thing on the walls and posts, and the water in the lake is already black.
Perhaps, this place is called “baywalk” because you can see a very nice view of sunrise or sunset just like the Manila Bay which I didn't witnessed that time.

According to one of my colleagues, it was a port where some of the fishes harvested from the Laguna Lake were unloaded and sold. There are also boats that will take a ride going to an island in the said lake.

Here are some photos I framed on the said place.

Mt. Makiling

Mt. Makiling by the Laguna Lake

The clay pot and Mt. Makiling

Road going to the port

The Boatman

A man patiently waiting for a catch.

Where the fishes are sold.
I hope that this place will be rehabilitated too.