September 24, 2014

Short Post on Parabens

Few weeks ago, Mommy told me that there is one brand of multivitamins for growing kids that contains paraben. Yes, paraben, the one that is commonly found in cosmetics products. We immediately read the label of what Matthew is using. We felt relieved when we found out that there are no such compound his multivitamins.

Parabens are commonly used as cosmetic preservatives like shampoos, moisturizers, gels, make-ups and toothpaste as preservatives and even used as food additives. Again, FOOD ADDITIVES.

Furthermore, some researchers link parabens as one of the possible sources of breast cancers since there are studies that parabens are found in samples of breast tumors. Some are often linked to deodorants because uderarms are just few inches from the breast area.

With this, it is better to  look for cosmetics products that are paraben-free especially deodorants. Good that there are some products like Pure Strength by HHN (I've been using for more than two years now) and petal pushers deodorant that absolutely contains zero-paraben since most of the ingredients are from nature. Take note that not only women can have breast cancer but men too.

As consumers, we must have take into consideration reading the labels especially products that we are buying for our kids.