September 26, 2014

Family Day Sunday: Father and Son Bonding

After attending the mass, Mommy together with MIL went to the doctor’s clinic for the check-up while Matt and I went to World of Fun in Waltermart, Sta. Maria, Bulacan to spent a Father and Son Bonding.

After I bought tokens, Matt was not beside me and found him already riding on the mini-train which he called “Thomas” waiting for me to put the first token on the slot.

Matt in the train

More of him in the train

After the ride, we went to one of his favorites arcade games – the bowling. He played 5 games, I think. He kept on squealing as he hits the pins.

Matt the Bowler

Then he asked me to play another of his favorite games – the basketball. Patay na ako nito. I was not into the said game but for him, kakayanin ko. I placed him on top of the counter to reach the ring and make baskets. Again, he was shouting as he make a basket sabay sabing “Daddy na-shoot ko o! Nakita mo na-shoot ko ung ball?!” I wasn’t able to take a photo.

He kept on running inside the place and seems cannot decide which station to play next until he saw the series of rides where he played one after another.

One the first ride, there is still a girl riding and he simply said: “Daddy, wait ko lang si ate na matapos saka ako na di ba?”

Wow! This is an improvement on his attitude! He can now wait for his turn unlike before.

Matt in the Red Car

More of him in the Red Car

Matt the Back Hoe Operator

After almost two hours of stay in World of Fun, I exchanged the tickets we collected that day and previous visits in the same place with Olaf, some candies and a can of soda.


We then visited the Waltermart Supermarket since there is a Kid’s Fair happening there. As member of the Waltermart Kid’s Club, Matt had a free face painting session in one of the booths.

Matt and the face painting session

Mommy called me that they were almost done with the check-up just in time after the face painting. So we fetched them and returned to Walter to have our lunch at Jollibee. Since MIL is with us, we tried to use her Senior Citizen card to avail of the discount which, unfortunately, we did not. (I’ll make post on this story.)

We returned home after having our meal, take a short rest and then back to kitchen to cook lasagna for dinner and mini-cupcakes for Matt’s baon. This time, baking cupcakes was a success!

Our Sunday is very tiring but fulfilling especially our Father-and-Son bonding!

Happy kid after the Sunday Treat for him!