September 12, 2014

Family Day Sundays: Busy at the Kitchen

Its Friday again and I forgot to post how our previous weekend was. Here it is:

We opted to stay at home though we went out to attend the mass and take a short trip to the nearby Robinson’s Supermarket and the rest of the day was spent at home especially at the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen was busy with us - Mommy and I working in my favorite laboratory.

I cooked pan-grilled liempo and buttered corn for our lunch. After a short rest from lunch, time to work in the kitchen again.

First, I made a supposed-to-be velvet cupcakes but didn’t came out as what is expected. Sabi nga ni Mommy:Magconcetrate ka na lang sa cheesecakes and cookies.” I have to agree. I already made several attempts in making cupcakes but I cannot get the perfect mixture.

Matt asking for another piece (There's the cupcake. LOL)

I also baked some OreoCheesecake Cookies for Matt’s baon where he was very excited to take a bite on the finished product. After having the first piece, he approached me and said: “Daddy, gusto ko pa po ng cheesecake.” I told him not to eat all kasi pangbaon nya sa school. He simply replied: “Sige na daddy isa lang po.” with a tone of lambing. So I allowed him to get another piece.

Taste test?
I also prepared mini-burger patties. This is healthier since I baked it and added malunggay leaves.

While waiting for the mini-burger patties to be done, Mommy cooked the sauce for the lasagna for our dinner. Yes, Mommy prepared the sauce since I am not that good in cooking pasta sauces. 


Aside from the baked goodies above, I also prepared skinless longganisa, chicken tocino and rellenong bangus for our week's menu.

How about you, how did you spend your weekends? What are your plans this coming weekend?