September 29, 2014

On Senior Citizen’s Benefits at Jollibee

Just like I mentioned two Sundays ago, we had our lunch at Jollibee and tried to use my MIL’s privilege of being a senior citizen.

It goes like this:

I reloaded an amount of 700 to my Happy Plus Card fisrt so I can earn extra points upon purchase of our food. Then I ordered set meal (good for 4 persons) which consists of 1 bucket chicken (8 pcs), 4 spaghetti, 4 regular fries and 4 regular drinks worth 699 and shown MIL's senior citizen ID.

The cashier told me that the discount will not be credited to what I ordered. Mommy asked the crew as well as the supervisor why and here is their answer: “Sa chicken lang po kasi magiging applicable yung discount. Kung gusto nyo po, hiwalay ung order ng bucket para ma-avail.” . What? the discount will only apply to a particular food item?

To lessen the discussion, we agreed to change our order to avail of the discount and will have a separate order for other items.

Okay na sana but when I presented my Happy Plus Card to pay the total amount, the supervisor told me: “Sir hindi po magagamit ung senior discount kapag ung happy plus card ang gagamitin na pangbayad.” Again?! Hindi na naman maaavail yung discount?!

I asked why and she answered: “Kasi po manual po ung pag-input naming ng discount.” What?! Manual ang pag-input? Pwede naming i-punch muna ung orders and apply the discount before paying the total amount using the Happy Plus Card. Am I right?

I got irritated and told the crew: “Sige, yung dating order na lang!”

If only I haven’t reloaded my Happy Plus Card first, baka lumipat nalang kami ng kakainan.

As to what I read from Marie of Mommy Unwired, Senior Citizens have the privileges when dining out, whether you will order a solo or set meals. This can be easily computed and apply the said discount. In our case, all they have to do is to divide the part that will be allotted for the Senior Citizen, then apply the necessary discount.

Unlike other establishments, KFC in particular, once I presented the Senior Citizen, they will automatically apply the discount on what I purchased especially the Bucket Meals.

With this, I was really dismayed with what Jollibee is offering when it comes to senior citizens provided that this is a Filipino Company.