March 7, 2013

Saltless Diets

Photo from Chris Kresser
Before I found an alternative way to replace sugar, now I found a way to make our dish salt-less without sacrificing the flavors and taste.
The recommended amount of sodium intake daily is 2300mg and for ages 51 and up, it is lowered to 1500mg. This is also the recommended value for persons with hypertension, diabetes, heart failure or chronic kidney disease.

One way to lessen the sodium intake is by avoiding foods high in salts. Sodium is commonly found in the form of table salt or NaCl. Using potassium-based salts can be also considered as an alternative. This will give the same saltiness but with less sodium than the regular salt. You may need to consult your doctors before trying these products especially if you have some health problems.
Another way to enjoy your food without sacrificing flavors is thru the use of vinegar with herbs and spices as seasoning. Just heat vinegar not boiling, transfer in a container, add with one or several herbs to taste, rest for at least two weeks before using.
There are also ready-made herb mixtures in the market but I suggest to make your own. For some salt-less seasoning mix check HERE. I haven’t tried making one but have planned to do it.
Photo from Indyposted
Let’s go for healthy options.
Do you have some alternatives for salt-less diets too?