March 1, 2013

Creamy Delight Yogurt

Mommy was searching yogurt drink for Matt in the grocery until she saw this Creamy Delight Yogurt. She called me if I want to give a try. This is new to me so I checked the label for other details including the manufacturer. Of course, we need to be a bit tedious when trying new products. Since it came from a well-known company – Asia Brewery, why not try for it? Instead of having one, I told Mommy to also try the Thick and Creamy variant.

When we reached home, Matt rushed to the grocery bags and was excited to have a taste of it. After few minutes, he approached Mommy and I heard their conversation:
Matt:: Ayaw na. (I don’t like it anymore).
Mommy: Eh panung ayaw mu na? Ubos mo na. (How come you don’t want it anymore? You already ate all of it!)

Hahaha...How silly boy. But take note, he was still holding his spoon and keep on roaming around the kitchen searching for the other one.

For 14 pesos (Regular) and 19 pesos (Thick and Creamy) you can have 125grams, same quantity as the other brands. The taste is similar with other brands we tried.
This is another thing to put on our grocery list. I just hope that there is a plain or the unflavored one. Also, I hope that this will be available in other grocery stores too.

Perfect for our weight-loss plan. 
(this is not a paid post)