March 25, 2013

Driver's License Renewal

It’s been three years since I last renewed my driver’s license and I need to make another this year.

I decided to go to SM Marilao since there is a renewal center there. Unfortunately, it was offline and seems the personnel there is doing nothing to fix the problem. I heard that it was already offline a day before I went there. So I decided to go to Sta. Maria LTO Office.

Renewing driver’s license is as easy as 1-2-3.  (1) Submit duly accomplished application form together with the other requirements like old driver’s license and medical certificate. (2) Wait until your name is called for the photo and signature capture. (3) Pay the appropriate amount. (4) Finally, wait for the OR and your driver’s license at the releasing area.

Though the process is that easy, I did it for more than 3 hours. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. It was already lunch break when I proceed to the drug and medical clinic so I waited until they finished their lunch. The drug test was quick since they are using a kit (similar to pregnancy kit) to test if you are positive or negative to metahampethamine or tetrahydrocannabinol. Also they will test how your sense of sight works using Snellen’s chart . The entire test cost 400 pesos plus 50 pesos computer fee.

2. When I returned back to the evaluating officer, he was not on his post. He took his lunch and returned late on his post. Upon returning, I heard him say: “Marami na bang nakapila?” (Is there a long line already?). Does this mean that if there are no applicants on the line he will not return to his post?

3. My application was returned due to insufficient details particularly the employer’s address. I forgot to filled it up because the drug officer in drug testing clinic get my application form from some details needed in the medical and drug test.

4. Same with the other officers in the windows, they returned late because they took a lunch break first in spite of the notice “NO LUNCH BREAK” in every corner.

5. I also observed that “palakasan” system is still manipulating inside the office. When you know somebody inside the office, you will get prioritized. How? I was on the line with a woman renewing her license too. After she has her photo and signature capture, she just gave the payment to that officer for she knew it and finished her renewal an hour ahead of me.

By the way, if you are asking about the renewal price, here it is:
Registration fee: PhP350.00
Computer Fee: PhP 67.63
Total: PhP 417.63

However, expired license will have an additional penalty of PhP75.00 for 1 day up to 1 year and PhP150.00 for 1 year and 1 day up to 2 years. So better renew your license on or before the day of expiration to avoid penalty.
How about you what are your experience in renewing or application for driver’s license?