March 19, 2013

My Worst Birthday

It's been a year but I still remember this incident that happened on my 31st birthday.
March 19, 2012: I just turned 31. It was a nice day, Monday and start of the work week. The night before, Mommy and I were really busy in the kitchen cooking something to as a treat for my colleagues.
I leave the office at around 8:30am to buy some drinks. On my way back to the office, I received a call from one of our colleagues in Cagayan de Oro but I haven’t picked up the phone since I was driving. Then, before I reached the office Mommy called and I answered it.
She was crying telling me that Matt was rushed in the hospital because she was accidentally burned by hot water from the thermos bottle. She got the news from our colleague that used to call me. I immediately called the phone at home but someone’s holding it and I asked how Matt is. She told me that his whole face as well as his chest was burned by hot water. I really felt nervous but I have to be strong since I was driving.
Mommy was already waiting at the gate when I reached our workplace. She immediately hopped in the car then we proceed to the hospital. I called Mama and told what happened, she told me to stay calm and she will immediately pack her things and will go to here in Bulacan. Mommy kept on crying and asking me why and how it happened. I keep on comforting her telling that nothing bad will happen to Matt. I also let myself focused on my driving. It seemed that it was our longest travel ever.
When we reached the hospital, we immediately ran inside the emergency room and look for Matt. My heart really breaks when I saw him crying out loud as he was treated by the attending physician. His hands keep on reaching to ask help from us. He kept on crying and saying “No! Please! No!”, begging the doctor to stop. I can feel the pain he’s experiencing. If it is only possible to get the pain from him, I’ll get it. On the other hand, I felt relieve when I saw the affected area. It was not the whole face but only on his right cheek and his chest. I also comforted Nanay (my grandmother) who was with Matt when the accident happened. She was very sorry for the incident and keeps on blaming herself. So I told her nothing to worry since Matt is already in good condition and no one really wants that to happen.
After the treatment, Matt was really tired of crying and easily fell asleep.
According to Nanay, Matt is watching TV when she saw the clock that it was already time for his bath. She went to the kitchen to prepare for the lukewarm water. She did not notice that Matt followed her. As she turned to get the thermos bottle, Matt was already holding the thermos and he was already burned with the hot water. The thermos spout was left open that cause to pour the hot water to Matt’s body. Maybe, he saw Nanay that she didn’t have the thermos yet so he wanted to help in preparing his water.
This has been the worst birthday in my life and I do hope this will not happen again.
They said that 13 is a bad number, but for me it will be the other way - 31.
Good that the wound heals leaving no scars.
Here are some of his pics of Matt after the incident.

Here he is after a year. Good that his skin has turned back to normal except for the one on his chest. I know it will also go back to normal soon.