March 13, 2013

What I Got From Commex?

I joined BC Blogger’s weekly comment exchange with other members. Aside increasing traffic of my blog, I learned lots of things from other bloggers that joined the weekly task. Here are just some:

Parenting – Though I am a dad and most members of BC Bloggers are moms,  I learned a lot from them. How to take care of their kids, how to handle tantrums, how to raise them properly are only few.  Also, this gives me a great opportunity to share my own experience as a dad.

Recipes – I love cooking so it makes me excited to see recipes posted by others and I love trying them and sharing my own versions in my Kitchen Adventures.

Giveaways and other promos – I Love joining raffles and giveaways. Who doesn’t want getting freebies and other prices?

Product Reviews – This helps me a lot before buying something, from foods to establishments, to gadgets and many more. However, everyone has their own perception in a particular product. Negative or positive, once a product caught my interest, I will try it and post my own review.

Virtual Travel – I want to travel but I did have that much chance to make it. Thru bloggers that post their experiences and photos in different places, I feel like travelling too.

Politics – Some blogs are of current political issues. As a full-time employee, there are times I am not aware of the happenings politically. Good to read that there are some bloggers giving their opinions on this field.

How about you, what did you got from joining blogger exchange?