March 20, 2013

Hooray Monday: McMuffin Morning

Last Monday, we headed to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija to fix something. Mommy remembered that it was National Breakfast day and McDonalds is giving away free McMuffin to their first 1000 customers, so we took our breakfast at McDo Cabanatuan.
Upon entering the store, one of the crews gave each of us a pamphlet with the coupon needed to redeem the free McMuffin. We had three coupons in total– for me, Mommy and MIL.
The Coupon
I found that only one coupon will be honoured per transaction so I asked Mommy to buy something they want for breakfast and redeem her coupon. Kakahiya naman kasi if I will redeem all by myself. LOL. Then I had a cup of coffee to be paired with the McMuffin. I forgot to buy something for Matt. Mommy asked him what he wants.

Mommy: Matt, anu gusto mo? Gusto mo burger? (Matt, what do you want? Do you want burger?)
Matt: Ayaw. (I don’t want)
Mommy: E ano gusto mo? (So, what do you want?)
Matt: Coffee. (with a smiling face)
Mommy: Anu? Coffee? (What?! Coffee?!)

Maybe he heard that I just want coffee or he saw the other side of the pamphlet given to us with a coffee. Instead, I just went back to the counter and got his favourite fries.
Busy eating fries while watching Pokoyo
There, three transactions for the tree coupons. Hehehe.

For 25 pesos, here's what I got.
Coffee and free McMuffin
Hope to have more hooray Mondays at McDonalds!