March 25, 2013

Plans for the Holy Week

Next week is Holy Week and it is a long vacation for many but not for us. We still need to go for work until Wednesday.

By the way, here is our plan for the entire Holy Week:
Sunday, March 24 – Attend the Palm Sunday Mass at Divine Mercy Shrine-Marilao or at Immaculate Concepcion-Sta. Maria.
Monday – Wednesday, March 25-27 – Work. Work. Work.
Thursday, March 28 – Time to have a little rest but we still need to work for some batch of orders in Momaye’s Shoppe.
Friday, March 29 – Again, work for the Shoppe. In the afternoon, we will visit and attend the mass at Immaculate Concepcion-Sta. Maria. There is also procession of different religious saints on the same day.
Saturday, March 30 – Will take a rest at home or visit the SM Marilao.
Sunday, March 31 – Will go to Easter Sunday Mass and will take a rest at home while doing crochet items again.

Always remember the true meaning of Lenten Season and not just ride with the flow.

Just want to share some photos I took last April 2008 at Immaculate Concepcion-Sta. Maria before the procession. Hoping to capture more images this year.

How about you, what are your plans for the upcoming holidays?