May 7, 2013

Please Be Careful With My Heart @Home

We know that one of the phenomenal TV series nowadays is “Please Be Careful with My Heart starred by Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya and Richard Yap as Ser Chief. Unfortunately, I can only watch this program whenever we had to leave for work or there is a holiday during weekdays. They have a rewind of this show every Saturdays but still we had work until this day.

I know that this show is really good and has a very light theme that anyone can be hooked-up. Even at home that our little Matt used to refer us as the cast. One day we were surprised that he called us not by our names but by the names of the main characters of the program. He used to refer Mommy as Maya, me as Ser Chief, Nanay (my MIL) as Manang Fe, and his Tita (Nanny) as Ma’am (Abby’s teacher). Almost complete casting, right?

Not only that, he used to memorize the theme song that we downloaded. When he sings, he will approach Mommy on the female part and ask him to sing. When the male part starts, he will approach me and asked me sing too. Yes, I tried to memorize the song and sing too (sound like a cow. LOL).

How about you, what TV series you are getting hook-up?