May 16, 2013


I saw a billboard about this drink and when I saw it in the grocery, I immediately grab one to try since the original Tanduay Ice is really good.  This one taste like a combination of rum and cola, just what the name implies. I was a bit disappointed since I assume that it will be as smooth as Tanduay Ice. Maybe, I was not used with the taste of rum.
With an alcohol content of 6.9%, a bit higher than the original which is 5.0%, the alcohol content is still low compared to those labelled 70-80 proof alcohol level.
Alcohol content of Tanduay Black
Alcohol content of Tanduay Ice
Speaking of “proof” as alcohol content, do you know how to determine the percentage of alcohol in a drink? Simply divide the proof by two (2) and you will get the alcohol level of alcohol in percentage. For example if a gin is labelled 80 proof, it means it has an alcohol content of 40% by volume.
Ooops! Remember: Minors are not allowed for alcoholic drinks. 
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