May 31, 2013

Preparing Your Kids to School

On my previous post, I mentioned that we are already searching for a school for our little Matt. However, one school we visited gave us an idea which we decided not to send Matt to school yet but mommy will put him in a home schooling sessions instead. You can check updates on her blog, Momaye's Diary. Also, my sister will give us module for nursery.

Speaking of school, in less than a month, the classes will formally start. Like me, I know that some parents are excited but a bit nervous in sending their kids to schools for the first time. Here are some tips that might help in preparing your kids to school especially in the preschool level.

Talk to them. Talking to your kids on going to school will be a big help in preparing them into their big step. Talk about his schedules, whose the one to bring and fetch them, how they feel – excited or nervous. If they feel nervous, just give them the positive side of being in school like playing and having new friends. Also, reading a story about first time in school can help.

Make a tour. Again, you may ask the teachers and staff if you can have a tour around the school just before the classes start. Try to show him how their classroom looks like, where are the restrooms, and waiting areas. You may also meet the teachers and other school personnel. This will help them familiarize with the school environment.

Enroll in summer class. This helps gaining new friends and will not make them feel alone in school. Also, this will give them advance idea about school life.

Adjust their sleeping habits. Adjusting their sleeping habits ahead of time will adjust their body’s new routine. This will also avoid them being sleepy or feel tired during school time.

Settle into routine. Making a routine schedule will help them think that this is a constant schedule in the entire school life. You can use toy clock so he learn how to tell time too.

Practice at home. Since in school, they are often left by you or by their nanny, you can practice this at home like letting them use the bathroom, putting on and off their shoes by their own. This will not only give them the concept of being independent and also, it will give them self-confidence that they can do it in schools.

Go shopping together. When you are buying their things, you should bring them with you. This will develop their sense of control. Letting them involved in placing stickers and labels on their things will teach them how to take care of their things.

Leave them for few hours. Parents are not allowed inside the school. Leaving them for few hours with someone like tita and grannies will help them ease being with other persons like their teachers.

Remember,  well-prepared kids for school will reduce being stressed not only for your kids but will you too.

Source: The Smart Mom’s Guide to Raising Your Preschoolers.