May 14, 2013

Preschool Checklist

We are planning of sending Matt to preschool this coming school year, nursery or play-class perhaps. Aside from the consideration if kid is ready for school or not, just like what Mommy posted, we are also searching for the right school where he will attend.
There are some factors that need to be considered when choosing the right school. Here are some that needs to be checked when searching for school:
How old is the school?
What are the track records? Where do graduates go?
Where it is located?
How much is the tuition fee per school year? Is there any payment schemes?
What is the medium of instruction?
How big are the classes? What is the teacher-to-student ratio?
Teaching Methods, Curriculum and Policies
What is their method of teaching? Traditional or non-traditional?
Curriculum follows the requirements of DepEd?
Is their mission and vision in line with what you want?
Is there routine or schedule that needs to follow daily?
Do they have parent involvement programs?
Is there special award-winning programs?
Do they offer follow-up tutorial classes?
In general, is the environment safe for kids? Do they have first-aid, security and safety?
Are classrooms child friendly and motivating?
Are there places for activities, indoors and outdoors?
Parking area?
Is there waiting area for the guardians?
Teachers and Staffs
How long they are in the school?
Do they have educational background of childhood education?
Do they have innate love for children?
Are they welcoming, positive, caring and nurturing?
Are the good role models?
How they handle individual differences and discipline in case of wrong attitudes?
Is your kid comfortable with the environment?
What is your over-all feel about the place?
(Source: The Smart Mom’s Guide to raising your pre-schooler)
How about you, what are your considerations in choosing the right school for your kids?