May 22, 2013

Summer Outing: Amana Waterpark

Before it’s too late, we had our company summer outing. This year, we did not hold it out of province but in a resort in nearby town – Amana Waterpark. Not bad at all since most of this resort has been visited by many tourists.

Since we can bring other family members but with our own expense for the entrance, we brought Matt with us and we need to buy him an entrance ticket. Good thing that kids two years old and below is free. Buti na lang next month pa magtatatlo si Matt. Hehehe

Matt was really excited to jump into the water so I was forced to change my clothes and accompany him in the pool. After a couple of hours, I let him take a rest so I got a chance to roam around the resort and see their other amenities.

One of their best attractions is the wave pool which does not only exhibits the regular waves but it has the so-called "Tsunami" wave as high as 7ft. Also, the presence of lifeguard in every pool is observed to ensure safety. Also, they are strict in implementing the "No Diving Policy".

Okay na sana ang lahat not until umeksena ying isang guard sa main gate.

I parked the car in a shade to take photo of the main gate since I did not got a chance to get a shot of it during our entry. Suddenly the guard started to blow his whistle on us. I admit I parked the car in a wrong lane but considering for less than a minute, he continuously blow his whistle until we left the place. Is that a what you call a courtesy to the customers?

By the way here are some other photos.
Above-Main Gate; Lower Left-resort Entrance; Lower Right-One of the Cottages 
Some of the Themed-pools
Batman Pool, Wavepool and Zipline
Some of the life-sized characters
The Team
Matt and I
Matt and Mommy
Amana Waterpark is located at Brgy. Bagong Barrio, Pandi Bulacan.
Facebook Page: Amana Waterpark Resort