May 29, 2013

The "DAMS" of Buying Toys

Photo Source: Feminist at the Sea
Toys are one of the things that our kids will surely love. These are also the things that will definitely catch their attention when they are with us either in malls or in tiangge.  However, as parent, we must choose the best toys for them like how we choose our personal things.

There are many guides in buying toys for me just remember the word “D-A-M-S”.

You must check for the toys if they are durable especially when you are buying at tiangge. (Oops! I am not against buying toys in tiangge.) Check for the buttons and other parts that may break or snapped during playtime. Choosing the sturdy ones does not only give safety but it could possibly pass to their siblings.

We must determine if the toys fit for their developmental level. Better check the age recommended for the toy. Furthermore, your kid’s skills and abilities if the toy you want to buy is suited for them must be put into consideration.
Choosing educational toys is the best thing we can give to our kids. Try to look for a toy that will enhance their motor, cognitive and imaginative development.

Toys that may give choking hazards must be avoided. Usually the label states where it contains small part that may cause harm. Remember: reading labels is not bad when choosing toys for your little ones. One more thing to consider is the size of the toys. It should be fit with your kid’s size because too big or to heavy toys may lead to harm if it falls on them.

Again, we must choose the best toys for our kids for it will gave a great impact on their development.

Do you have some tips in buying toys for kids too?