May 9, 2013

Factors Affecting Childhood Obesity

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Photo source: Sarah Espanol – Com 466

Obesity is often referred to person with too much excess fat in the body. Before, we used to see these cases in adults but now, even our kids might be a candidate for obesity which we don’t want to happen to our kids.

Here are some factors that can lead to childhood obesity.

1. Oldies, like our grandparents, believe that the bigger the kids are, the healthier they are which is considered as a big myth. Overfed kids will develop a large stomach which needs more food to satisfy their hunger.  We know that kids will eat as long as they see foods in front of them. Being big is not always being healthy, remember, obesity is a sign of malnutrition too.

2. Choice of foods is also another factor that triggers childhood obesity. Kids at ages 3 and above usually love to eat sweets as well as high carb foods like chocolates and pasta. Try to make healthy options that are appetizing to your kids.

3. In our time today that we considered technology is having a great influence on kids, this is another factor that can lead to obesity. Kids nowadays have inadequate physical activities. They spend more time in from of TV watching their favorite shows or in from of computer playing their favorite games. Games that require physical activities like running, biking and walking is always became a second choice. Parents like me, take note of this, physical activities are not only for our kid’s benefit but for us too. It does not only improves your physique but it will give quality time to your family too.

As parent we must prevent our kids into this situation before it will lead to some problems. Obese kids are “cute” to look at but in fact it may lower their self-esteem later because of some bullying outside our home. Furthermore, more serious problem is that  obesity could lead to hypertension and allergies.