September 2, 2013

Lanzones and Rambutan

Mommy: “Kuripot ka kasi kaya ngayon ka lang nakatikim. Hahaha”
It has been months since I saw stalls in the market selling lanzones and rambutan but they are bit expensive (lanzones-160 per kilo and rambutan-80 pesos per kilo). 

Finally, yesterday, I was able to buy it in the market. Vendors in karitons sell them at 30 and 60 pesos per kilo of rambutan and lanzones, respectively. I did not think twice in buying, but of course, kailangan muna tikman bago bumili. LOL. The rambutans are bit smaller than the usual while the lanzones are already lagas with a bit dark spots on its peel but both still taste good. Now, my cravings for these two fruits were already satisfied.

By the way, I also got two tumpok of dalandan for only 20 pesos.