September 12, 2013

EDSA Traffic Experience

Photo Source: GMA News
The other day, I saw in the news how heavy the traffic in EDSA was. Even celebrities like Kris Aquino and Manny Pacquiao opted to take MRT just to be on time with their appointments. I told Mommy, Buti na nalang at nung monday tayo nagpunta ng Laguna. Kundi, sigurado hating gabi na tayo makakarating. 

"Buti na lang at coding din ako ng tuesday.", I replied.
Even we took our trip to Laguna last monday, di pa din kami ligtas na hagupit ng traffic. Imagine we took EDSA (hindi ko kasi kabisado ang C5) for more than two hours. The traffic became moderate only after we passed the Cubao area. Good thing we are able to reach the our Caloocan Office in time.

Mommy and I were discussing with the possible causes of traffic in EDSA and we came up with the following:

Quantity of vehicles travelling - There are really huge numbers of vehicles utilizing EDSA which i think too much from its normal capacity.

Lack of discipline - I think this one is applicable to PUV drivers. Though the buses have already designated lane - yellow lane, we can still observed them occupying the inner lanes then suddenly cut and go to the outer lane when there are passengers waiting.

Main reason haven't identified yet - since we are working in an ISO certified company, it came up to our minds that does the authority already found the root cause of the traffic in EDSA? We know that there are many things being implemented to reduce the traffic but are these already a corrective action or just a correction?

Flooding of underpass - Just like Monday, heavy rain poured over the metro which I think causes the heavy to slow-moving traffic. Also last night, this is the reason why traffic stills along EDSA.

Furthermore, we end up with some possible solution to help reducing the traffic in EDSA:

Regulate the number of buses - I know that authorities already implemented this by having the south interim terminal, still you can observe huge number of buses. Though this solution will put another problem - less available PUVs for commuters.

Put more enforcers - To strictly regulate and implement traffic rules like unloading in designated areas, keeping each type of vehicles in designated lanes, etc. This will also help them develop discipline in driving. However, this might be one source of corruption thru kotong system when they caught drivers and will bribe them just to get free. I swear I did this several few times. 

Enforce number coding in PUVs too - Since there are already huge numbers of buses, taxis and other PUVs, why not include them in number coding. Again, this will cause shortage of PUVs for commuters.

Road widening - I think this is another way but it will take a long time to finish this project.

How about you, what do you think the main cause of traffic in EDSA as well as some possible solutions?