September 29, 2013

Family Day Sunday: General Cleaning

It was raining Sunday last week. Thinking of what to do during this kind of weather in a weekend? Well, we ended up with a general cleaning at home. Masyado na kasi maraming kalat. Hehehe.

Our Litte Helper
Source: Momaye's Diary
Mommy, together with our little helper, took charge of our room while MIL and SIL cleaned their room as well as the sala. BIL cleaned his room then also helped me cleaning the garage. I was also the one who took charge of the kitchen. We applied the first 3S of 5S of good housekeeping – Sort, Set and Shine. Here are what we did:

1. Mommy asked me to separate all the clothes that I will not use anymore to have more room in the closet. I found some that I can still wear. Medyo kasya na sa akin…LOL

2. Rather than throwing away the used plastics bags, I just fold them properly to reduce space and will be used in the future.

3. Instead of putting away all the jars, I left some of it and used them as storage for flour, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda and others.

4. We sold some of the scraps like olds our gas stove, old car battery and car tires in the junk shop buy ingredients for our afternoon snack – our favorite sopas. Nakapaglinis na, may pang meryenda pa, bi da?

5. After cleaning, I made some cassava suman to be paired with sopas for our dinner as reward. You can check my recipe HERE.

It was a bit tiring but fun weekend.

How about you, what are your plans this weekend?