September 3, 2013

Family Day Sunday: Lots of Foods

Last Sunday, after attending the mass with my MIL and SIL, we headed to the market. I separated from them since I need to buy some veggies and fish for our week’s menu while Mommy and others went to tiange to buy clothes. After few hours, we met on a specific place.

Mommy and SIL throw jokes to MIL that she will treat us at KFC for our lunch. She immediately replied “YES” so we proceed to Waltermart (Sta. Maria, Bulacan) since the nearest KFC is in that place. We ordered regular Bucket Meal with additional brownies. We saved almost 80 pesos for using my MIL’s senior citizen ID. Before heading home, we parked at McDonalds to have sundae as our dessert. (Sorry, I did have any photos for the two stop-overs. Gutom na kasi. hehehe)

For our dinner, Mommy cooked macaroni-spaghetti while I made dalandan-iced tea.

This is one of my favorites during Sunday. Lots of foods!
Macaroni Spaghetti by Mommy
Dalandan Iced Tea