September 7, 2013

Christmas is in the Air

Lanterns sold on roadside in Sta. Maria, Bulacan
They say that our country celebrates Christmas the longest than any country in the world. As soon as the “ber” months started (September), signs that holiday season is just around the corner can be observed. Here are some signs that I already observed as soon as the “ber” months started.
I saw selling lanterns on the roadside last Monday on my way to Tarlac.

I heard Christmas song playing in the radio. This year, “Christmas in Our Hearts” by Jose Mari Chan is the first I heard.
I also see Christmas decors sold in Waltermart when we had our lunch last Sunday.
Lastly, the breeze of the wind is already starting to change. Though it is still hot, I can sense that the season is already on its way to change.

How about you, what are the signs do you already observed that tells you Holiday Season is already around the corner?