September 28, 2013

Paparapapa...Love Ko 'To

The other day, our little angel doesn't want us to leave for work. As usual, bolahan na naman.

Me: Lika dito. Anu gustong pasalubong? (Come here. What pasalubong do you want?)
Matt: Ice cream.
Me: Sige, papasok na kami ni Mommy at bibili kami mamaya ng ice cream. (Okay, Mommy and I will go to work and will buy ice cream afterwards.)

Then, he simply gets his stool, step on it as he watches us leave while waving and giving his famous flying kiss. It is really sad to look at your kids watching you while leaving for work.

To keep my promise, I bought him a cup of sundae at McDonald’s on our way home and was very delighted to see what we had for him. He just sat on the doorway and in a matter of few minutes, ubos na!

He really loves ice cream

It is very nice to see kids happy with such simple things. Visit Mommy Maye's post about this too.