September 21, 2013

"Moobs" Like Jagger (Part 2)

As I promised in my last post about “moobs”, here are some exercise that will help removing those extra fat in the chest area.

Running or skipping. Do this 3-5 times a week with at least 20-30 minutes each session. This is one of the most effective yet inexpensive exercises you can perform. One of the problem is how are you going to perform this is it is raining outside? Why not shift to skipping rope? So there are no more reasons for excuses that you cannot perform this simple cardio exercise.

Chest Strengthening. Adding this will help your build muscles and increase your metabolism thus, helping burn more fats. If you don’t have much time, you can do this every other day. Some chest strengthening exercises are:

Push-ups. You can start by performing half plank push-ups instead of full plank push up. You can do this by placing mat under your knees as cushion. Make sure that your groin, chest and chin touch the ground at almost the same time. Do 10 military push-up (hands outside your chest) and 10 standard push-up (elbows bending parallel to your body). Do three sets each and increase the number per set as you go along. You should do this daily for better results.
Different Types of Push-Ups
(Photo Source: The Push Up Challenge)

Bench press. Lay your back on a bench with a dumbbell (an improvised will do) in each of your hand. You can start by using 5 pound- weight and increase as you go along. Bend your elbow with your upper arm parallel to your chest. Slowly push up for 2 seconds, stay your arms up for two seconds and return to the original position. Do this 10 times and at least 3 sets.

flat dumbbell bench press
Bench Press
(Photo Source: Building Muscles 101)
Chest Fly. While lying and with the same dumbbell, lower your arms to the side and return them to the position above your chest at two seconds interval. Like bench press, do 10 times with at least 3 sets.

Fly Chest
(Photo Source: Building Muscles 101)

There are other exercises that will help strengthen chest muscles but the 3 above are my daily routine.

I know that it will take time to remove my moobs but I am hoping to see positive results in due time. Aja!

Source: WikiHow