January 23, 2014

Family Day Sundays: Busy Weekend

Last Sunday has been a bit productive for me compared to other Sundays. Aside from crocheting, I did carwashing, gardening and of course cooking. By the way, Matt and I went to the barber shop early to have his haircut. Two months na yata since his last haircut. Here he is: 
Matt before his haircut

Matt's new look.  Hindi talaga mawala ang wacky post nya.
At the barber shop, I was asked if what kind of cut he will do. I answered: "Barbers lang. Wag mo nang ahitan para hindi masakatan."  Medyo nagulat ako after the first shave. Napahaba yata ng bawas sa buhok. hehehe  

After having Matt’s haircut, I did some gardening. Medyo masukal na kasi ung harap. I need to trim for some of my plants na din especially the tamarinds and chicos. I haven’t took a photo before arranging. I do also transfer the seedlings of bell pepper. Look, I used the extra hollow blocks from our home improvement project. I just place screen at the bottom part to hold the soil.
Upper left: Bell peppers planted on hollow blocks
For our lunch, I cooked Ginataang Tilapia, Puto for our afternoon snack, and Pasta with Spanish Style Sardines with Pechay-wrapped siomai naman for dinner.
Pasta with spanish style sardines, Ginataang tilapia and pechay-wrapped siomai
In the afternoon I continue my crocheting task since I need to finish 3 minion hats pa. Just before the day ends, I felt pain on my lower back. Sign of ageing na daw as per Mommy. Buti na lang pumayag syang i-massage 'yung lower back ko. Hehehe.

How about you, how did you spend your weekends?