January 15, 2014

Christmas Gifts from Mommy

This is a super late post na. Anyways, I want to say my thanks to Mommy.

One day I received a text from Mommy:
Mommy: Ano size ng shoes mo?
Me: 7.
Mommy: Hindi, yung 2 digits. 41 kasi yung pinakamaliit ditto.
Me: 42.
Mommy: Sneakers or Slip-on?
Me: Sneakers.
Mommy: Hi-cut or low-cut?
Me: Low-cut.
Mommy: Black or blue?
Me: Black.
Mommy: Okay.

At first, I thought she was answering an online survey about shoes. After 2 days, a package from Zalora came to our doorstep. One of the items is a pair of shoes that corresponds to the descriptions in our conversation.

It is made of canvass material and very comfortable to wear.

By the way, aside from the shoes, Mommy got a black canvass belt for me.  Perfect pair for the shoes.
Source: Momaye's Diary

Hmmm. Ano nga ba Christmas gift ko kay Mommy? WALA pala! 

Pwede bang LOVE...LOVE...LOVE na lang...Hahaha…