January 30, 2014

How to Make GIF Photos Using Photoscape

Are you fond of looking GIF-animated photos in some blogs or sites? Do you wonder how these were created? Here is a simple tutorial that might help you figure-out and eventually create your own photos like these two grabbed from Momaye's Diary.

First you need to have Photoscape software installed in your computer. You can download it for free HERE. Second, you have to be ready with your photos. Better if you got "sequence" shots.

Photoscape and click for the “Animated GIF” icon.

Select the photos you want to be included in your GIF image and drag it the area indicated in the photo below. Arrange them in the sequence you want it to be.

Select how fast or slow your picture changes.

Save your project and it is now ready to post it on your blog.

Here is the finished product:

Do you know other software that can be used to create gif images?