January 9, 2014

My Own Bag Day

It has been our tradition to attend the New Year’s Day mass. Unfortunately, we are 2 hours early before the first mass starts. We just prayed and our give thanks for all the blessings that we received in the past year and for giving us another prosperous year instead of waiting for the mass to start. Then we headed to the nearest mall for the kids to enjoy the said day.

After enjoying the carousel and remote controlled cars, we had to go to the supermarket and buy some items for home.

While waiting for our turn at the counter, I saw that all of the groceries were placed in a paper bag or boxes instead of the usual plastic bags. There I remembered that New Year’s Day happened to be on Wednesday wherein the supermarket held their environmental campaign – “My Own Bag” Day. Every Wednesday, they only provide paper bags or boxes instead of plastic bags. Also, they encourage buyers bring their own bag (plastic or recyclable) to place their purchases.

This made me thought that I should always have my own recyclable bag in my car. So, whatever day I go to the supermarket, I have my own bag to use like these burlap tote bags which can be used repeatedly instead of plastic bags. It gives me convenience while saving the environment.
burlap jute mini tote bag
Photo Source: Premier Burlap Botique