January 18, 2014

TV Over the Net

Every afternoon, when we arrived at home , the TV is always on and they are watching afternoon soap. Unfortunately last Tuesday, Mommy and I were surprised to see it off. Then Matt said: “Sira na po ung TV oh, Mommy, Daddy!”. Matt used to make sumbong of the things he did the whole day when we arrive.

Then I checked the TV and it doesn't continue upon pressing the On/Off button. Though we still have one unit in our bedroom, is this the sign that we need to buy a new one? A LED or Smart TV maybe. (Naku, kailangan pang sipagan sa MTOs. Hehehe) But for the meantime, we will bring the TV in a repair shop and check how much it will cost for the repair.

Technology is good nowadays. We are able to watch the news thru live streaming over the net the other night. Just go to http://phnoy.com/ and choose TV station you want to watch. This works better if you have faster internet connection.
Screen shot of PHNOY

TV Patrol thru Live Streaming

  By the way, our TV is Mommy’s raffle prize in our Christmas Party 3 years ago. Here it is:
Ang nasirang TV (CRT pa TV namin. hehehe)