January 29, 2014

Movie Sharing: Frozen

I was lucky to download a clear copy of Disney’s 2013 Animated Movie Frozen.  It is a 3d-computer animated musical fantasy-comedy movie based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, “The Snow Queen”.

Last Sunday, Mommy, Matt and I watched it upstairs. Let me share the story.

The story revolves on the two princesses of Arendelle - Elsa and Anna. Elsa has the ability to make ice and snow. Unfortunately, her younger sister Anna got injured in one of their plays. She was accidentally struck by Elsa at the head and made it frozen. The King and Queen brought her to the trolls to ask for any treatment.  She got healed but her memories about Elsa’s magic were erased. From then on, their parents closed the gates of the castle and isolated Elsa and Anna from each other.
One day, their parents need to travel but they got killed at the sea in a storm. From then on, the gap between the two sisters deepens.

When Elsa reached the appropriate age, she was crowned as the Queen of Arendelle and let the gates open again. With full of excitement, Anna went out of the gate and explore the entire town where she met Hans, the Prince of Southern Isle. They got mutual attraction and immediately ask Elsa’s permission to get married but they were rejected which resulted into an argument. Elsa was unable to control her power and her abilities got exposed to the crowd. She ran out of the palace and turned the entire kingdom into an eternal winter. She ran out and reached far high in the mountain. She created her own ice palace and brings life to a snowman named Olaf.

Anna, realized that what happened to Arendelle was her fault and the only way to end the winter is Elsa. She went out of the palace and let Prince Hans the one in-charge while she was looking for her sister. On her search for Elsa, she met a mountain man named Kristoff with his reindeer Sven. She convinced Kristoff to guide her to the North Mountain to look for Elsa. There they met Olaf and lead them to her sister’s ice castle.

The sisters reunited again but with full of fear, Elsa told her sister to return to Arendelle. Without her knowledge, Elsa struck Anna in the heart when trying to ask her leave and go back to the castle. She created a giant ice creature to let them run out of the ice castle.

As they ran away, Kristoff noticed that Anna’s hair is turning white. He remembered what he witnessed when he was a kid. He brought Anna to his adoptive troll family to seek treatment. Unfortuntely, Anna’s heart has been frozen and it can only be thawed by an “act of true love” or she will become frozen forever. They believe that a kiss of true love is the answer, Kristoff and Anna went back to Arendelle and will look for Prince Hans to kiss Anna. Sadly, when Anna asked for a kiss from Hans, he refused and revealed that the only reason for him to get married with Anna is the throne. He went out of the room and leave Anna to death and charged Elsa with treason.

Elsa escaped from the prison and ran out into the snowstorm at the river. On the other hand, Olaf found Anna and told her that Kristoff is inlove with her. They both decided to ran into the storm and look for Kristoff for the thought that it was him who can give the “act of true love”.

Hans found Elsa in the middle of the storm. He told her that Anna died because of her actions. In Elsa’s despair, the storm blizzard suddenly stopped. This gave an opportunity for Anna and Kristoff reach each other. However, Anna saw Hans is about to kill Elsa so she ran to protect her sister. She turned into an ice and prevents Hans from killing her sister.

Elsa embraced Anna and cried for what happened. Anna started to thaw. They realized that sacrificing herself is the “act of true love” and love is the key to control her power.

From there, the winter went out. Olaf got a “winter cloud” over his head to let him live thru the summer. Hans is sent back to Southern Isle to face his punishment for the crime against Arendelle and the gates of the castle remain open.

Have you already watched this movie too?